Industrial Microwave Units
From the laboratory to industrial scale equipment

Testing platform

IDCO has a testing platform in a 295m2 hall for laboratory and semi-industrial validation tests :


four labo
  • 900W /2450MHz microwave oven to estimate theproduct « response»
  • 2kW/2450MHz microwave oven equipped with tuner, reflected power measurement system and rotary tank for mineral tests
  • Extractor 200 - 2 kW /2450MHz equipped with recirculation and cooling system for plant extraction
  • hydraulic press for lightweight aggregates crushing strenght tests NF13055-1
  • analytical balance sensitivity 0,01g – Precisa BJ210C
  • optical microscope x100
  • sieve column
  • mini oven
  • pHmeters and pyrometers
  • thermoscale dryer : PCE-MA100

Semi industrial


  • 6kW/2450MHz microwave generator equipped with tuner and reflected power measurement system
  • 40L / 420mm diameter thermal insulated tilt cavity, equipped with rotary bowl for mineral tests
  • 40L / 420mm cooled double skin tilt cavity, equipped with perforated rotary bowl for plant treatment
  • ECT200 - 2kW/2450MHz
  • ECS250 - 2kW/2450MHz
  • 20kHz ultrasound generator and sonotrode using for mixed microwave and ultrasound plant extraction
  • condensor