Industrial Microwave Units
From the laboratory to industrial scale equipment




Speed in water = 1500m/s

Powerfull ultrasound frequency = 16kHz to 100kHz

20kHz for Extractor line

Ultrasound applications are numerous : sonar, medical imaging, cleaning, depolymerization, …

liquid medium is necessary to allow ultrasound propagation

generation of mechanical vibrations

Compression and expansion cycles of bubbles

Cavitation bubbles (5000 K and 1000 atm)


Bubble cavitation in contact with plant cells allows destructuring plant cells and, in combination with microwave obtaining high extraction yield.
                                            Example : basil extraction


An ultrasonic set consists of a generator, which sends a signal with a determined frequency (20kHz) to a sonotrode transforming the electrical signal into vibrations that are transmitted in the liquid medium.


IDCO/REUS Technology

The Extractor technology solution is to send electrical signal to piezometers located outside of the tank. The sonotrodes are welded to the tank, wich ensures unequaled durability (unlike a solution by gluing)