Industrial Microwave Units
From the laboratory to industrial scale equipment

Our competitive advantages

Scale up

Technological lead

Products depending on technology, IDCO equipements are available from laboratoy scale to industrial scale with the same efficiency and product quality, for plant extraction as much as mineral treatment.

IDCO has a unique patended microwave stirring technology (homogeneous heating) and has a strong innovative strategy to insure its technnological lead in the long term.

Plant extraction

Unique technology with mixed microwave and ultrasound
Unique processes : solvent recirculation in thin layer, fresh solvent recycling, cold extraction…

Mineral treatment

Only technology to enhance recycling of quarry sludge (siliceous or calcareous) into lighweight aggregates

Process expertise

The IDCO testing platform allows a quick experience feeback wich constantly improve our level of technical expertise

Expert Software

IDCO has developped innovative expert softfware to optimize processes (expansion, drying, extraction...)

IDCO competitive advantage

YOUR competitive advantage