Industrial Microwave Units
From the laboratory to industrial scale equipment


At the forefront of innovation, IDCO designs and markets specialized microwave equipment, laboratory scale to industrial scale

Validation tests

IDCO puts its know-how and expertise to its clients to help them in their innovative projects, from feasibility phase to industrial testing. IDCO has a 250m2 testing platform.

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Plant extraction

IDCO has developed and patented new technologies and high efficiently processes. EXTRACTOR product line, available from laboratoy scale to industrial scale, optimizes extraction efficiency dependind on plants and target molecules.

The EXTRACTOR is the only device allowing mixed microwave and ultrasound technologies, cold extraction, solvent recirculation in thin layer or fresh solvent recycling, with unmatched extraction yelds.

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Recycling sludges into lightweight aggregates

IDCO has developed a UNIQUE expertise in the recycling of sludges by microwave heat treament. CALCINATOR products line, issued from 8 years development and several patents, allow especially the recycling washing quarry sludges into lightweight aggregates, unobtainable with conventional technologies.

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Technical heat treatment

The microwave-stirring technology developed by IDCO and opportunities for combination with other energy sources (hot air, ..) produce a performance unmatched especially adapted to technical drying heater, debacterization, heat treatment (calcination, tempering,…), vitrification…

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